July 2011; News & Expos

| 4 July 2011

July 2011 : I think I found a better way to qualify my ceramic pieces : ”Almost Square”

I have been continuing working with the same format, sometimes from old sketches , but also added new themes when I feel I created 5 pieces on a subject that will allow it to be put aside for a while... Last summer I had started, in NY , to work on the popular subject of “Vanities”. I thought it was very well connected with the “Masks” and “Mirrors” subjects that I have been visiting for a long time. With this subject I started discovering a new aesthetic and found the adequacy between the plasticity of clay and the Form that relate to this topic.

On the “Construction” side, and I am not referring to house renovations, I continue to build on the theme of “HOME”. Of course I continue to comment in “stoneware” some of the world news events. (Nigeria, Veils…)

EXHIBIT News / Expositions:

JULY 15th 2011, I will have a show at Smithy Pioneer Gallery in Cooperstown, NY. S.H.E. Project. This will include work on Silhouettes , Belly and Veils
— -Also I have a FOTONAT in the juried exhibit at CAA.

*And since I finally decided to write ,I would like to post the picture of an 19th century tea pot that bears the marks of repairs and one can see it as a good way to reflect on life and ceramics (Ariana , Genève, CH.)

* Si vous voulez des commentaires en français contactez moi; l’actualité pour le moment est plus anglophone.

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