( Reality search / daily quotations /” travail sur le quotidien” )

I like to catch an image and explore the why I took the picture. There is no ” acte gratuit ”; somehow this easy click is a selective look at our daily surroundings.

It is fascinating to elaborate on the strategy of screening reality though the lens of the camera and make a graphic comment on/around that click.

FOTONAT: FOTO = photo (in Romanian)
NAT….desinat = drawing, dessin

The cities of Paris and New York have been the main sources of inspiration as I have been living and keeping a residence in both places. I will continue to add more snapshots, ”clichés”, to the collection as swatches of daily life caught on my trips. This work started in 2009 with my move back to Paris.

A travers la photo, un regard porté sur la texture de notre quotidien.

Anda Stelian