Born in Romania, I immigrated as a teenager to Belgium and later lived in Paris and New York. I am trained as an architect; practiced in Belgium, France and New York. I have what might be called a ”mixed background” and love accumulating memories and experiences.

While working as an architect I discovered clay, the pleasure and vast possibilities of designing and create with it. And as an architect, all my creations start with sketch drawings. The technique that I favor, and draws upon my architectural background, is building with slabs.

One day I decided to condense and concentrate my eclectic output, and adopted the “Box”. Fascinated by the restriction presented by the structure of the box, I like to explore negative and positive space within this volume. My “subject boxes” range from abstract composition to images inspired by everyday life and popular culture, clichés or memories, images collected throughout my travels.

Bowing to the tradition of clay as a material for making water vessels, some pieces have been conceived as containers, as receptacles for liquid, reflecting light and showing layers of depth and shadow.

My ceramic pieces are generally made of stoneware with intricate slab construction, glazed and fired at high temperature in en electric or gas kiln. They keep the graphic quality of the original drawings that inspired the pieces.

Their dimensions are around 10” x 10” x 2”/ cm 26 x 26 x 5.

Anda Stelian

* This work was conceived as a tablet commemorating the trunk we took with us to emigrate, and the candelabras symbolize light and traditions left behind and taken away. The box is meant to hold water/memories.